Women, Arts, and Social Change

  • Sunday Supper, Photo: Kevin Allen, NMWA
    Sunday Supper, a communal dinner and table talk served family-style; Photo: Kevin Allen, NMWA
  • Catalyst, Photo: Kevin Allen, NMWA
    Catalyst, a cocktail hour with a topic and a twist; Photo: Kevin Allen, NMWA
  • FRESH TALK on November 15, 2016; Photo: Kevin Allen, NMWA
    Recent FRESH TALK; Photo: Kevin Allen, NMWA

Join us for FRESH TALK on gender, equity, the environment, identity, education, health, social and economic opportunity, and more.

Women, Arts, and Social Change is a public program initiative highlighting the power of women and the arts as catalysts for change that launched in October 2015. FRESH TALK, the signature program of the initiative, expands the dialogue on what it means to be champions of women through the arts. Programs feature curated conversations with leading innovators and thought leaders from a range of disciplines discussing cause-driven topics that are relevant to diverse audiences today.

Add your voice to the conversation: each program concludes with a Sunday Supper served family-style, or Catalyst, a cocktail hour with a topic and a twist.


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Cultural Capital program partnerships with leading D.C.-area organizations connect the museum with new audiences for programs with a cause-driven focus. See the calendar for upcoming Cultural Capital programs.

The Women, Arts, and Social Change public program initiative is made possible through leadership gifts from Denise Littlefield Sobel, Lorna Meyer Calas and Dennis Calas, the MLDauray Arts Initiative, and the Swartz Foundation. Additional support is provided by the Bernstein Family Foundation, Marcia and Frank Carlucci, Deborah G. Carstens, the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund, and The Reva and David Logan Foundation.